The Agency

We represent non-Francophone publishing houses and literary agencies all around the world and handle the translation rights sales of their works in the French-speaking market. We also manage a small selection of authors.


The majority of our clients come from the English-speaking world, but we also have clients in Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Scandinavia. Featured on our list of clients are university presses, literary agencies, large publishing groups, and small independent houses. Beyond English and French, we are open to reading a variety of languages including Italian, Spanish, Scandinavian, and others.


Given this diverse clientele, our titles, whether they cater to adults or young readers, are not only varied in their form – fiction, non-fiction, academic works, illustrated books, poetry – but also in their content: they span the entire spectrum of genres from hard science to science fiction, as well as history and politics, social justice, guidebooks and how-to, fantasy, crime fiction, commercial and upmarket novels, psychology, philosophy, feminist and queer literature, and much more! We warmly invite you to peruse the titles in our selections and client catalogues for a more specific idea of the types of works we represent.


If you think your books can travel and are interested in working a French co-agent, please contact us.

The Team


Corinne Marotte

I created Marotte et Compagnie in early 2020 after over twenty years of experience in rights sales (Agence Michelle Lapautre; L'Autre agence) and publishing (Robert Laffont). I have a soft-spot for non-fiction, especially narrative non-fiction. I like novels and other stories as well, as long as they've got a strong voice.I love unlikely encounters between worlds, and the poetry and emotion that can arise from such situations.

Agent · Founder


Noémie Seux-Sorek

After completing studies in anthropology, English, and publishing, I worked as an editorial assistant in the children's books department at Actes Sud before joining Marotte et Compagnie in December, 2021. I like stories that transport me – whether they be fiction or not – and I love everything pop culture.



Hanna Thoren

Born and raised in Sweden, I’m currently living in Jordan. Before that, I was in France for ten years, where I studied Modern Literature before starting work as an agent with Corinne in 2015. Having recently taken my studies back up, I’ve narrowed my focus at the agency to youth and children's literature as well as a few adult catalogues. I love books that surprise me, and I’m definitely not afraid of the weird ones!



Céline Jézéquel

I joined Marotte et Compagnie in February 2021 where I am responsible for contracts. This work is a complement to my other job as Junior Editor at Éditions Premier Parallèle. I read fiction, mainly novels, and essays. I tend to gravitate towards queer, feminist and intersectional issues in my readings, but above all I appreciate powerful and unexpected voices.


Corey Smiley HS_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Corey Friedman

Originally from Portland, Oregon, I've been at M&C since fall 2020. I recently earned a Master's in Translation from Paris 7, researching linguistic inequalities in literary translation flows. I  am also a founding member of Zoteco Translations. I  like non-fiction – linguistics, politics, or history – but also enjoy a good vintage novel. My other passions: pasta, basketball, and old trays!


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