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Why work with an agent?
(Or better yet, why not?)

The Literary Agent:

• Accompanies the author throughout the entire writing process.

• Forms a lasting professional relationship with the author built on trust.

• Finds the publishing house that is the best match for the author's work.

• Represents the author in contract negotiations.

• Defends the author's best interests the whole way through.


The agent is a mediator who bridges the gap between editors and authors both domestically and abroad, with goodwill and determination. The agent's vast professional network, industry smarts and general know-how help their clients make informed choices. It is therefore a long-term relationship that does not seek to replace the one that the author will have with their eventual publisher, but to enhance it.


And don’t fret, the agent is only paid on commission!


Whether it be in fiction or non-fiction, adult or youth, we are looking for talent – be it emerging or proven – whose voices stand out in the literary landscape and who demonstrate a knack for storytelling. We are, in that sense, quite selective when it comes to the literary style of the texts we receive and the authors we work with. For now, we are not looking for works in the following genres: fantasy, science-fiction, romance, self-help, guidebooks, memoir, autobiography, plays, experimental fiction, or academic research. as of November 2022, we are no longer accepting new submissions. Stay tuned for updates

As of November 2022, we are no longer accepting new submissions. We hope to be back soon, stay tuned for updates.

Our Authors


Kallia Papadaki

Kallia Papadaki is a novelist, poet and screenwriter. Her debut DENDRITES (Polis, 2015) was awarded the European Union Prize for Literature 2017 licensed in 12 languages including English, French, and Spanish. She lives in Athens and is currently working on the film development of one of her short stories.


Quentin IMG_7584 copie_edited.jpg

Quentin Héroguer

Quentin Héroguer was born in Douai in 1994 and currently lives in Brussels. A graduate of the prestigious Saint-Luc school and adept with watercolors and photoshop, he creates comics, publishes strips on Instagram, and has illustrated books such as Bruxelles Love and Bruxelles, demeures des célébrités for 180° éditions.


© Quentin Héroguer

Jocelyne 7_edited.jpg

Jocelyne Giani


Born in Nice, Jocelyne Giani has always been passionate about singing and dance. A longtime host at Radio-France and France-Bleu, she later co-founded Studio Evi'Danse in Auxerre. She has never stopped writing, whether it be radio documentaries, songs, musical theater pieces, or novels, such as La Païenne (Robert Laffont, 2004).

© Quentin Héroguer

Pierre-Yves Jortay - Edgar Kosma - 8 Web

Edgar Kosma

Edgar Kosma is the author of several novels, récits, and short stories. He became well known as the screenwriter of the comic book series Le Belge, published in 4 volumes by Éditions Delcourt. He was born and lives in Brussels, where he does standup comedy.


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